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    Hazardous Waste Bags


    Hazardous Waste Bags aid in the containment and transport of various types of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Hazardous Waste Bags provide a flexible waste packaging solution that can be custom manufactured with multiple loading configurations and address compliance concerns.


    hazardous waste bag bread bag and burrito bag from EnviroZone based in Louisiana and made in the USA

    A single spouted hazardous waste bag typically used in a vacuum box for wet and dry waste streams.

    Commonly Used In

    • Roll-off containers

    • End dump trailers

    • Rail gondolas

    • Vacuum boxes

    • Tri-axle trucks

    • Lugger boxes

    • Dump trucks

    • Hoppers

    • Demolition boxes

    • Dumpsters

    • Walking floor trailers

    Hazardous waste bags commonly used in roll-off containers, end dump trailers, rail gondolas, vacuum boxes, tri-axle trucks, lugger boxes, dump trucks, hoppers, demolition boxes, dumpsteres and walking floor trailers. Made in the USA.

    Hazardous waste bag are typically used with contaminated soils, powders, dusts, ashes, metal shavings, high-heat applications, asbestos abatement and insulation removal. These hazardous waste bags are also used with construction debris and demolition debris.

    Typical Applications

    • Contaminated soil

    • Powder, dust, ash, and metal shavings

    • High-heat applications

    • Asbestos abatement and insulation removal

    • Construction and demolition

    • Catalysts

    • Various hazardous and non-hazardous waste

    • Various dry and wet waste


    Hazardous Waste Packaging Options

    • Open top bags

    • Spout loaded bags with
      single or multiple spouts

    • Multi-flap “burrito wrap” bags

    • End loaded “bread” bags

    • Heavy-duty demolition bags

    • Multi-layered bags

    • Vented bags

    Hazardous Waste Bags can be custom manufactured to multiple sizes and loading configurations. Various material options are available.


    FIBC Hazardous Waste Bags


    FIBC Hazardous Waste Bags are liftable polypropylene bags used for the transport of hazardous waste, product storage, and are used as emergency flood barriers.

    Custom loading and lining configurations are available.

    FIBC bulk bags for hazardous waste bags are provided by EnviroZone in Louisiana but available from California to Texas, and from Florida to New York.